© katelynking I _messages I Darmstadt Summer Course I 2018

© katelynking I _messages I Darmstadt Summer Course I 2018

_messages Ensemble Aabat

_messages is a collaborative work from StentonDotPress (Richard Stenton) and Ensemble Aabat (Katelyn King , Marie Delprat) that draws parallels between the two meanings of the word medium–the medium as a human connector to the afterlife, taken from the Spiritualist Movement in the US and UK beginning in the 1840’s–and the medium as a communicative tool we use to relay content. Both forms contain messages.

_messages is artistic representation of research developed throughout the Artistic Research workshop at the Darmstadt Summer Course 2018. 

The first iteration of the project was a performance for one person at a time. The individual was invited to select a printed score from a array of envelopes upon the instruction “choose file to upload”. They then handed this envelope to the performer just across the table from them. The messages on the printed score were then interpreted by performer and relayed through the devised system with audio and visual content derived from the performers which was printed, published online ect. and communicated to the audience through live performance, audio files, projection, and print. The audience member then took the score in the envelope which granted them access to additional media online. The music was designed to evoke the feeling of a seance and was further characterised by the degrading of quality as it was passed through different mediums.

 _messages has a two-part format. The physical format cumulates in a private séance/viewing/performance with each audience member, and the digital format is published in an online page where participants can hear all the recordings from other participants’ viewings as well as other material that has been collected throughout the project.

Mit Ensemble Aabat: Marie Delprat I Katelyn King I Ruben Mattia Santorsa I Miao Zhao

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